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8th European Basic Aerobiology Course

Basic Courses on Aerobiology aim for the scientific and technical training of students, graduates and researchers for performing aerobiological monitoring. The Courses are organized biannually by the European leading authorities in aerobiology. (PREVIOUS COURSES). The 8th European Basic Course on Aerobiology took place in Novi Sad, Serbia from 12. to 18. July 2007. 26 students from 10 European countries succesfuly completed the 8th European Basic Course on Aerobiology.

LECTURES (15 hours) which covered topics such as: airborne particles (aerodynamics, dispersal); plant identification; pollen (development, biology, function, production, release, structure, morphology); fungal spores (development, biology, function, production, release, structure, morphology); allergy; sampling in aerobiology (Hirst type volumetric trap, microscopy); analysis of samples collected by Hirst type volumetric trap; basic statistics in aerobiology; forecasting in aerobiology (methods, pollen and meteorology); EAN (European Aerobiological Networks) and EPI (European Pollen Information System); quality control in routine aerobiological monitoring

PRACTICAL EXCERCISES (25 hours) covered: operation of a volumetric trap; sampling surface and slide preparation ; Airborne pollen/spores concentration calculation; data presentation; pollen identification (25 main European types); fungal sporeidentification (12 types); scanning and counting of slides; Data input software with the option for automated data transfer in suitable format forEANdatabase.

EXAMINATION (theoretical test; scanning, identification and counting of test slides).

Although we had very hot weather (over 40°C), everyone enjoyed the excursion to Subotica at mid time of the course, where after the dinner, dancing continued until late night. 
The course was organized by:
Prof. C. Galan (Spain)
Prof. G. Frenguelli (Italy)
Prof. S. Jäger (Austria)
Dr. A. Stach (Poland)
Dr. M. Smith (UK)
Dr. B. Clot (Switzerland)
Dr. D. Jaric (Serbia)
Dr. I. Bustos Delgado (UK)
Dr. M. Thibaudon (France)
Mrs A. Kofol-Seliger (Slovenia)
Mr C. Lanzoni (Italy)
Mr P. Radisic (Serbia)
Mr B. Sikoparija (Serbia)
Mrs A. Dedijer (Serbia)
Mrs M. Mitrovic-Josipovic (Serbia)
Mrs N. Camprag (Serbia)